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Your Luxury Concierge

Our Club is directed to private elite clients as well as major corporations who desire to visit the most unique places around the world for personal stay or business. Our mission is to serve our clients every need with the finest and bespoke luxury experiences.

Serving our clients in the most exclusive places around the globe attracting businessmen and celebrities who flock to these places famous for their splendor. Upon arrival our clients are welcomed in pure elegance and luxury that prevails throughout every aspect of their stay.

Our team of experienced professionals is devoted to supporting our clients in their busy lives, available on hand 24/7 365 to cater at every request and fulfil every wish of our clients. Offering unrivalled service, from memorable personal experiences to corporate events, Your Luxury Concierge provides a different level of concierge and will unquestionably create an authentic and enriching experience.

'You Only Live Once, But If You Do It Right, Once Is Enough'

- May West

Our Services


We facilitate our clients in the most exquisite and luxurious villas possible. Whether they prefer the calming sight and sound of the ocean with our beachfront villas or peacefulness near the mountains. We guarantee pure elegance, privacy and a restful stay.

While requesting a specific villa, clients may inquire for any additional services which can be arranged for an extra cost. Whether clients desire basic housekeeping, a chef, professional bartender, spa services or a famous musician for evening entertainment. Our team will arrange everything to appeal to the needs of our clients and create authentic and enriching experiences for them during their stay in our luxury villas


Luxury prevails in our selection of exotic supercars and private jets offering quality service on the ground and in the sky. Our Club ensures that our clients are treated right and offered exclusivity and pure pleasure while travelling from their villa, to meetings to anywhere they'd like.

Seamless travel is a necessity, and our private chauffeurs will certainly please our clients with their reliability and discretion to ensure peace of mind in every situation. Our luxury cars and private jets will exceed all clients expectations, with a broad choice of vehicles and styles to suit the needs and preferences of different clients, all with one purpose being, comfort and pure pleasure while travelling.


Whether you're on vacation or business, our executive security services are at your disposal. Our teams are highly experienced professionals supported by academics. Offering a non-intrusive and low profile, yet can intervene immediately when situation or preferences dictate.

Many of our clients are high profile individuals faced with great risks that require additional security. Protecting the lifestyle and integrity of our clients is essential to Your Luxury Concierge, and all clients will receive the best protection services to give a sense of security and peace of mind at all times. Our Club will provide basic 24/7 security and if need be, armed security services to distinct clients.

Concierge Service

Devoted to fulfilling every desire, our personal assistants are available 24/7 365 on hand, to cater to every wish and request of our clients. Whether it be a booking a table at the finest restaurant, organising a cultural trip or taking care of your day-to-day tasks.

Our clients may simply relax and enjoy their visit while we manage all arrangements regarding their daily tasks or special requests. Be it that awaited shopping in the most exclusive stores surrounding your place of stay or the search for a unique gift for that special someone. Our team at Your Luxury Concierge will give you advice or fulfil your wish to ensure the finest experience of their visit.

Yacht Experience

Experience outlandish luxury on board the finest yachts and create truly enriching memories that will last a lifetime. Our clients can discover yachting through mesmerising waters and enjoy recreational activities meanwhile the yacht's leisurely pace offering tranquility and comfort.

Our clients are offered bespoke yacht experiences, with featured personalized service, elevated dining and luxury amenities on board each yacht. Exploration of the earth’s exquisite hideaways and beauty of the calming blues surrounding, clients may take the voyage of a lifetime unlike anything experienced before. Setting a new standard for luxury travel our yachting experience is unrivaled at sea.


Product launch, business meeting, corporate event, wedding or a bachelorette party, with every event we always make sure that our projects are a unique experience. Our main goal for every event is to create unforgettable emotions for its participants, and this way remain in their minds for a long time.

Our Club collaborates with the best of the best from around the world, which is confirmed by numerous industry awards granted for their breathtaking projects. Imaginative 3D mapping, lasers or exciting holograms are solutions that will not only increase the prestige of your event, but also create a great impression on your guests. When we add these elements to a beautiful environment you will make the events organised by us an unforgettable experience, recalled for many years.