Membership Plans

At Your Luxury Concierge our mission is to serve our clients every need with the finest and bespoke luxury experiences. We understand that every client may have different requirements, hence we prepared three exclusive plans which will be tailored individually to fulfil all the needs of all our clients. We believe in a very personal approach, hence each of our clients will be given their own private lifestyle manager devoted to cater at every request and fulfil every wish of their clients.

Below we present our exclusive Silver, Gold and Platinum plans which our clients may choose from when applying for Membership. Each plan presents a detailed description of services applicable and a minimum annual fee. Please note each plan may be personalised as per request of the client, depending on the services chosen, which will result in the fee to increase or decrease. At Your Luxury Concierge we strive to create an authentic and enriching experience for our clients, and will make any special arrangements to provide the best service possible.