5 Best Locations To Visit In Southern Spain

June 8, 2020

Never been to Spain Before? Here's the best locations to visit!

1. Marbella

Marbella is what we call a place of Mediterranean glamour, visited by celebrities and millionaires for decades. Considered one of the most beautiful resorts in the world and definitely the answer to the French St.Tropez loved by many eminent personalities from around the world. You may want to visit 'The Golden Mile' of prestigious shops, nightclubs and bars. Or walk around the peaceful old town and take the time to appreciate the historical beauty of Marbella. There are lots of little discoveries to be made, whether it’s the renaissance palaces in the old-town or the remnants of Roman villas hidden between the luxury new developments. One of the main activities in Marbella and Spain overall is golfing, so everywhere you go there will definitely be at least one golf club. Walking closer to the coast you may want to stroll on the long promenade or spend a day at the long chain of Marbella's sandy beaches. Along the coast you will find countless boutiques, gift shops, bars and restaurants. This destination is perfect if you like close proximity to services, different attractions, beautiful surroundings and of course clear blue water and sunshine.

2. Puerto Banus

Puerto Banus is situated only 5km east of Marbella and has become one of the most famous ports in Europe with plenty of super yachts filling the harbor and many superstars and elite groups frequently visiting the area. The best words that describe this place are wealth, richness, extravagance and superiority. Puerto Banus is the golden hideout, where the worlds millionaires and billionaires arrive to dock their multi-million euro yachts, or park their Bentley's and go for a quick coffee or shopping. The front line marina presents the most high quality designer shops including, Armani, Versace, Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton and more, this is the shopping haven for those who can afford it, in fact there is not other location in Europe that has such a collection of designer boutiques in such close proximity! The location also holds many excellent open-air restaurants, bars and more branching out behind the marina. Puerto Banus is also loved for its casino, many exclusive nightclubs and much more. In all words, Puerto Banus is definitely a fabulous place to visit or stay and experience the life of a real star, if you're not one already

3. Nueva Andalucia

Just north of Puerto Banus you will find yourself in the newly built area of Nueva Andalucia. This location has a perfect balance, set far enough from the high life and bustle of Puerto Banus to feel peace amidst of the Sierra de Ronda mountain range. Driving up by the incredible bullring holding a vast street market every Saturday, with stalls containing almost everything from clothes, decorations, ornaments to even electrical goods. Nueva Andalucia is blessed with some of the best restaurants, ensuring everyone will find something tasty for themselves. The main road from the ring carries you up to the Commercial Central Plaza consisting of s series of shops, markets, bars and gym. Overall Nueva Andalucia is the largest and most sought after neighborhoods in Marbella, consisting of many exquisite and luxurious villas as well as apartments set between splendid trees and gardens. What not everyone know is that Nueva Andalucia is also referred to as the 'Golf Valley' with five extraordinary golf course in the area, being known as a perfect place for golfers. Highly recommended place to visit and by all means if you're so lucky, to live.

4. Seville

Taking a couple steps back from the modern, luxurious lifestyle which may not suit everyone, one of the most beautiful places loved by many in Southern Spain is Seville. This is one of the largest and most beautiful tourist destinations, home to great history and many attractions. Seville is most known for its Roman Catholic cathedral, adorned with a Moorish bell tower, this is the third biggest church in the world, by some measurements, however some say its the largest by measurement of volume. Seville presents astounding ancient architecture at every step, incredible museums, palaces and churches along with the usual necessities of delicious food and cultural activities. Most people who visit Seville say that an absolute ' Must-See' here is the diary of Christopher Columbus, which hosted in the Museum of the Indies. For those who desire to step away from crowds and enjoy nature, one of the most magnificent places to visit in Seville is Parque de María Luisa, a public park that stretches along the Guadalquivir River in Seville, Spain, which is worthy of a Monet painting but in much better quality - real life.

5. Gibraltar

At the Southern tip of Spain you find yourself in the fantastic location of Gibraltar! Where do we start is the big question, there is so much to see and do! One of the most unique experiences to be enjoyed in Gibraltar is visiting the wild monkeys - Barbary Macaques. Many of this strong population live at the very top of the 400m Rock and can be reached by cable car, but these cheeky residents can be spotted everywhere, even in hotel rooms! They're harmless, but you better keep your important possessions near you. The Rock of Gibraltar also covers many underground tunnels from the Great Siege of Gibraltar from the 1779-1783 years. Be sure to stop by at the Europe Point, the most southerly tip of Gibraltar offering views of the north coast of Morocco only 21 kilometers away across the Straits. Gibraltar is also famous for its rich with wildlife marina, filled with a large population of dolphins leaping through the clear blue waters, known to jump over smaller boats, giving tourists some crazy photo opportunities. Enough attractions? that's only the beginning! Gibraltar is a great destination for family holidays and of course with friends.

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June 8, 2020

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