Our new Members App is now available

June 19, 2020

For now it's only available as a web-app version but we're still doing tests and working hard to launch our official, fully functioning mobile app.

The purpose of creating this app was to keep everything in one place. You know that Lux Estate Capital Ltd. manages three different departments, Lux Estate Capital Group where we have our Private Investment Club and together with our private and corporate investors, we invest in new development projects of our partners and transform luxury properties into profitable cash flowing rental businesses. Lux Estate Property, where we sell these cash flowing businesses and luxury new-build properties to international investors as personal or business investments. And lastly, Luxury Concierge Marbella where we offer exclusive luxury holidays in modern apartments and luxury private villas for our Members, for now only operating in Marbella Spain but planning to expand and go worldwide.  

With our new Members App we will be able to share all exclusive information to our members about investment opportunities, new-development projects, exquisite properties for sale, off-market deals and other details before they are shared publicly, and note some important information will only be available on this app and won't be shared publicly. Some groups in this app are also private and members must request access and be approved by us to view information posted there. This app is a big opportunity for investors looking to get information about exclusive investments and deals in first place, as well as be able to connect with other investors in our app and possibly do business together in the future.

Most importantly, our Lux Estate Members App is totally FREE for anyone who wants to join and get real value from the content we share. Sign Up today and turn your notifications on to be first to hear about our exclusive investments and more! Once the app becomes available in the app store you will be able to log in with the same details as registered in our web version.

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June 19, 2020

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