Top 7 Things To Do In Marbella

June 8, 2020

Are you planning your dream holiday in Marbella? Here is 7 tips for making your holidays in Marbella unforgettable:

1. Puerto Banus Shopping

Have you been saving up to for that perfect shopping day in the most luxurious and famous shops in Puerto Banus? Yes, you're not the only one! Puerto Banus is considered a shopping paradise and absolute haven for shop-a-holics! With the most exclusive and expensive shops including: Louis Vuitton, Dior, Gucci, La Perla and so much more. Its the number one destination for people looking to purchase high class designer clothes in boutiques located on the front line of the beautiful marina.

2. Best Restaurants On The Coast

There is nothing better than spending time in good company and enjoying meals in the best restaurants around the southern coast. A different restaurant everywhere you look! You can choose from fresh squids, octopus and different kinds of fish, unless you prefer a delicious chicken meal with your healthy green salads. Don't forget the most essential part of every meal in Spain is the incredible aromatic wines that make your meals so tasty!

3. Old Town Marbella

Are you an art lover? or maybe you're interested in history? Marbella will please you with its beautiful art galleries containing some of the most amazing art works from all of Europe. Don't forget to explore the picturesque old town and its winding, cobbled streets and beautiful surroundings. Make sure to visit the magnificent 15th-century Ermita de Santiago church, and walk among the some of the many chapels and still standing castles in Marbella.

4. Tapas Bars

No matter where you will be in Marbella, you will be surrounded by a choice of bars and cafés. Being in Marbella, one of the 'must do's' is visiting a Tapas Bar. If you've never tried before, here's what we highly recommend: Spanish home-made omelette, patatas bravas, croquettes with ham, béchamel and prawns served in a steaming hot dish with olive oil and some fresh tasty bread to top of the meal!

5. Stroll Around The Sunny Coast

Marbella is most known for its beautiful seafront promenade, lined with countless restaurants, bars, gift shops and so much more. Keep your eyes open for all the stunning views and some of the most luxury villas built on the coast. Looking out into the deep blues you will see some of the finest yachts sailing right across the shallow shore, and if you like you can stop at any of the marinas and choose to rent a boat or go on a sea trip yourself!

6. Best Beaches In Marbella

There is no holiday without spending at least one day at the beach! Marbella beaches are loved by all who live here and visit. Take some time to chill out, get a nice bronze tan, spend time with your family, exercise or even party! The Marbella coastline is over 27km long and has over 24 individual beaches for you to choose from. With over 320 sunny days a year, you will definitely catch some sun during your holiday in Marbella.

7. Quick Game Of Golf

Anywhere you are, there is surely a golf club nearby! There’s no getting away from i! Did you know that golf is one of the most popular sports on the Costa del Sol? There is over 70 golf courses located along the coast, and no matter if you're a beginner golf player or professional you will definitely find a golf course with the appropriate level of difficulty for you! Get your golf kit packed, and enjoy!

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June 8, 2020

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