Why Wealthy People Visit Marbella?

June 8, 2020

From memorable personal experiences to corporate events, enjoy your stay with Luxury Concierge Marbella

Marbella is one of the most exclusive places around the globe attracting businessmen and celebrities who flock to this place famous for it’s splendor. One of the most know agencies in Marbella providing bespoke services for these clients is our own Club - Luxury Concierge Marbella.

With our team of experienced professionals devoted to serve their clients every need, Luxury Concierge Marbella will undoubtedly create an authentic and enriching experience for every occasion.


All  our clients are facilitated in the most beautiful and luxurious properties in Marbella. Clients may choose whether they prefer to stay in modern apartments, Spanish style townhouses, or of course luxury villas. Each client can be assured they will find something special to suit their needs.

Along with accommodation, clients may inquire for additional services that can be arranged for an extra cost. These include: basic housekeeping, a known chef, professional bartender or famous musician for evening entertainment.

All needs of the clients will be satisfied.


There's no better feeling than arriving in Marbella with style. Luxury Concierge Marbella offers a wide variety of vehicles for quality service on the ground and in the sky to suit the needs and preferences of all its clients.

From private planes, helicopters, exotic super cars and some of the most finest yachts, clients may choose any type of vehicle for for personal or business use. If clients would like to be transported to Marbella from almost any place in the world, or simply travel in style during their stay on the sunny coast.

Always comfort & pure pleasure while travelling.


If you've been to Marbella before or heard about it briefly, you definitely know there is more to this place than words can express. Not only does it have an absolutely picturesque landscape, but also a rich history and incredible wealth.

Additionally, Marbella has many attractions that will surely improve your stay. These include lavish shops, the best of the best restaurants, bars, golf courses extreme water sports and much more.

Everything is at your fingertips.

Luxury Concierge Marbella also offers services including professional personal protection, concierge services, luxury yacht experiences and organization of occasional and corporate events.

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June 8, 2020

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